NewRelaytivity Nebula releases Reactor in closed beta →

Build Limitless Software with Reactor at the Core

Universal events, functions, and chain reactions across multiplatform infrastructure, data, and integrations with Singularity.

Reactor is a high-throughput transport layer that provides a unified plane for multi-service functions and data relays with Singularity.

Introducing Relaytivity Reactor closed beta, a universal transport layer. Control infrastructure or integrate and invoke multiplatform functions and data relays with Singularity.

Relaytivity Nebula releases Reactor in closed beta. Connect and command any cloud, infrastructure, and service with Singularity.

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// Save MySQL connection
connection mysql "mysql-dev" {
  host = ""
  port = "3306"
  database = "dataset"
  user = "${var.mysql_dev.user}"
  password = "${var.mysql_dev.password}"
// Create database
mysql new_database {
  connection = "mysql-dev"
  name       = "subset"
Declarative Language


Singularity is an object-based declarative code paradigm. Develop, deploy, and scale future-ready applications and infrastructure across multicloud ecosystems with a consistent workflow.

Command Runner


Build, ship, and manage future-ready applications and clouds with logic and objective-oriented orchestration of disparate systems.

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Theory of Relaytivity


Systems should be universally modular, seamless, and interoperable across clouds and services.


Regions are a thing of the past, the future is regionless and always globally-available.


Services should be aware of each other with self-healing networks and predictive scaling.